An Adventure in Indianapolis is set in the city of Indianapolis.  One of the big questions for writers is – do you need to live there, or to visit, or is research enough?  Is your imagination enough to do what is needed, so you can create a great story?  Well, in truth, as a writer, I believe that this depends.  In the case of this novel I went with what was easiest: I set the novel in the city I had been living in for the 6 years prior to writing it.  I don’t live there now, and it really does make a difference.

What is Trillium, which is for kids or for an intergenerational audience, takes place in a residential neighborhood.  Here, the setting is actually also the USA – because that’s really where I lived when I wrote it, or else I wrote it living in Germany but not even used to Germany enough to feel relaxed about setting a story in it.

In truth, for SF and F, it doesn’t matter.  For historical fiction, I think that research is enough.  I think that if needed, it would be OK to rely on research but it is easier and more natural to use a location where one has spent some time for the setting of a story.



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