Kids as Readers – and how Uranian Fiction helps them

Maybe you are a kid who likes a good story.  Maybe you’re an adult who knows some kids who like good stories.  Readers really ‘make or break’ writers.  Sure, the writer needs to be talented and skillful, but without readers – let’s just say its worse than ‘the sound of one hand clapping’ or ‘a tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear it’.

Uranian Fiction is made for both adults and for children.  There are adult novels which should really be ‘off limits’, but to make it fair, there are stories mainly for kids.  Right now Uranian Fiction only has juvenile fiction for ‘medium aged kids’.

Right now, there are 3 short fiction stories for the under 18 crowd:  Sharbenau the Squirrel, is about an animal who discovers mysterious powers.  Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time, is about a kid who travels in time once he gets his homework done.  What is Trillium? is a story about an intergenerational friendship.  One of a boy’s neighbors has discovered a new element and shares his scientific breakthrough with a kid who lives on the block.

To find these stories, just search

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