Today it is a little bit about the lefties  is the address for a wonderful club connected with a specialty shop where people can buy left handed equipment of various kinds.

Today, there is a discussion of small actions teachers can take to help little lefties grow up well adjusted.  In my own case I mostly got lucky, no one attacked me for it and one of my first day care baby sitters was a grown woman who was a lefty.  My parents were quite kind about it.  My stepmother and first mother-in-law are also both left handed.  So is Mike Williamson the novelist as well our current President.

Providing a decent pair of left handed scissors and not crowding the left side of the lefty helps a lot.  I was quite pleased with my son’s schools in Indianapolis and with my graduate school experience at Middlesex U because the desks are genuinely equally functional for the right or left handed.  As a child I had years of back pain worsened by using a right handed desk left handed.  It was a no win situation.  I began to learn to right with my right hand at age 24 or 25.  Mostly I use a keyboard because it is less biased.

Personally, I have a public policy idea.  I believe that retailers should all begin carrying left handed goods along with right handed ones.  Most of the time the problem they have had is that their left handed customers do not show up and buy from them.  I have a plan to remove this problem.  There should be an official date, covering the entire nation – just as we have voting day etc. and holidays, and carbon emissions control deadlines: after which, shops that carry products that are handedness relevant also carry left handed goods.  That way, shoppers will know to buy from regular retailers and retailers will stop being stuck with that set of golf clubs they bought for a left handed customer who never showed up.

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