Poly – lingualism: are you poly? bi? or is it just one?

When I was a girl I thought it would be great to be polylingual.  It was one of numerous ideas of ways to spend my life.  I just like the idea of being able to communicate with more other humans.

How is it now that I am 44 years old?  There is some bad news.  I am still only fluent in one language.  By fluent I mean that I can speak, read, write and understand like an articulate intelligent and well educated woman.  My best 2nd languages are German and Spanish.  I have learned at least one word in 13 languages, and not all in the same ways.  Latin and French – lessons in school.  Japanese – aikido dojo Japanese, and ‘aregato’ – how to say thank you, which I learned way before I ever spent time in any dojo.  Dojo – a school for the body.  One does do mental training there, but for Americans the truth is that instead of it being bookish there its really athletic.  Dutch – on vacation.  Most famous Dutch words?  Fruhstuck & Kunst.  Breakfast and art.  Strange?

Have fun with your ability to use language today.

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