Polyamory, decorated singing bowls and Uranian Fiction

Polyamory means “many loves”.  It can occur in a variety of ways.  In my experience of my life and myself; this is a better description than most other things.  Would I recommend it?  Well, I would say that if you are really not cut out for monogamy or monogyny then yes.  If you are cut out for the old fashioned one romantic love system, then go ahead and do that. I am not like that myself; that’s the only reason that I did not try to do that.  Most badgers don’t make good baseball stars.

Decorated singing bowls:  Being an artist and looking to end another bout of boredom at home aside from working more to build my writing business and changing to make it so that I do what is needed to make better business decisions as a writer, I picked up one of the paint brushes and went after my brass bowl.  This is how good life be when one is the adult.  No spanking or anything.  It also still works, but now on the astral plane one can easily tell mine apart from the others of the same type.  I also put stickers on my lap top.

Uranian Fiction: well, if sticking out from the crowd – with or without my nose or bosom, lol, is something I do, the truth is that I do it in fiction as well.  Uranian Fiction is a website hosting some of my fiction writing; it has a blog – mostly a connection to this one, and you can subscribe to it and can leave comments.  You can buy there or let it lead you to publishers who sell my work.

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