Brass – and the brass bowl manufacturers

Brass is a very popular and useful metallic alloy of copper & zinc.  They are combined to varying degrees.  The zinc takes the edge off the hypersensitivity of the copper without ruining its conductivity.  The color resulting is also a blend.

Brass is famous for use in candlesticks, and musical instruments.  “Brass bands” include most of the horns.  Over in the Eastern regions of the world, they came up with brass bowls.  In reality, the presence of zinc inhibits bacteria so brass storage vessels could help purify water and prevent disease.  Many people also know about the “singing bowls”.  These have become increasingly popular as Buddhism migrates Westward while Christianity is trying to include more of Africa and India than ever before while keeping already Christian countries Christian.

To share in the simple joy of brass…I have made a couple of YouTube videos.  and

That being said have fun with these and remember that our dear friend brass is also famous as a metaphor for strength and courage….”…of brass.”

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