Rumor Has it Occultists are Gossips

Is it true that occultists are gossips?  What is an occultist?  Usually its someone who was either attracted to magick so much that he or she found strange books and people and organizations who would initiate them and teach them things weirder than what they teach in the materials sciences courses of people who are going to work in the credit card manufacturing companies.

What is an occult order?  It is an organization where people have different levels of experience and there is at least some willingness to bring in new people and provide both education and initiation.

Are there many of these?  Well, I don’t know if there are more of them than there are credit card manufacturing organizations or not, but there are a number of them.  I haven’t counted.  Some are more secret than the discrete people’s marital infidelities but others are common and public knowledge like normal healthy up front relationships.

Are they gossips?  Well, they do blog about things and there seems to be a bit of arguing and drama and a lot of lack of information.  If someone has the secret of the metallic strips that go on the back of the credit cards do the credit card people need them?  Yes.  Yes, I have heard that informal and emotional conversations about private events can be called gossip.  Then, yes, a lot of occultists are gossips.  I think it would be unfair to claim that all are, especially since we don’t know how many there are.


I know that seems strange but this is a blog, so I can write whatever I like.  Around 1990 I was first taught anything at all about occultists and one of the first things I was told other then “there actually are some” is “and they are gossips.”

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