Protecting America – what we can do

Well, by now, most of you know that I love protecting people as a form of expressing my spiritual love of others – today, it is through political organization.  I culled information about a National Defense Authorization Bill.  We need to stop it. Although it was most likely intended to permit counter-terrorism activity, it has been formulated in a way which can be too easily abused.  It removes basic civil protection of the law.  We cannot afford to re-hash McCarthyism, or the detainment of American citizens as was immorally done to many ethnic Japanese in the USA in the 20th century.  Protect our rights, prevent criminalization of good intentions.  There must be another way to secure counter-terrorism without sanctioning such evils as those mentioned.  Please check it out, and sign.  Tell everyone.  We’ll be submitting it to state and federal authorities.

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