Blogging History/Her story

Here’s a quote from Pro Blogger, taken out of context:

Hobby Blogger

Now I’d like to say that at the moment I hit publish on my first blog that the earth shook and a light from heaven came down and I was suddenly transformed into a full time blogger – but as we all know it doesn’t happen that way. In fact for the first 12 or so months of my blogging very very little changed. In fact if anything I became busier as I took on an extra subject in the attempt to finish my degree before my college booted me out for taking too long and I left the church where I was working to start another one).

Well, that’s the story of someone who’s earned far more than I.  Here’s what happened to me.  I had first written a novel while an undergraduate. Having more than one interest, I continued to pursue an education designed to secure me a decent day job.  Meanwhile, I also tried marriage.  Many years later, I found myself in another nation where I became a mother and was a graduate student – lol, some people call us/them “gradual students”.  I started a vocational writing course at the same time because someone told me that novelists usually get published in nonfiction and short stories first.  This was even though I had written a novel first – typical lefty, doing things out of their proper order?!  Even more years went by, and then I managed to get published a few more times, but they didn’t pay me….but, Hey!  Pagan Dawn gave me books to write reviews – so they sort of like paid me, but didn’t pay me.  Even more years later, I started bidding through and one day, someone hired me to write real estate blogs about Atlanta, Georgia.  In fact, you can still find them, if you look.

So, I learned, that’s a blog.

Even more years later:  I realize that “blogging” has become “something people do”, and so I guess, so should I.

OK, so now I do.

So far, that’s really how its been for me.

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