Well authors and people who have other jobs, just for a moment let’s talk rituals.  There are many ‘mundane rituals’.  These include very basic ones like washing and having meals together, to more complex things like applying for jobs and dating.  For writers these also include networking and assembling book proposals and invoices and activities of this nature.

Then there are religious rituals.  here is where people begin to notice whether or not they feel ‘at home’ in a given religion.  Most cultures today have at least one commonly practiced religion.  Those who like the one in their town or nation have the easiest time.  Every religion comes with a set of rituals and teachings.  The two are designed to mutually reinforce one another.  Whatever rituals one grows up with may feel ‘the most real’ with ones from other religions seeming anything from simply bizarre or incomprehensible to frightening or downright evil.  In some cases, someone else’s religion might even seem like a joke.  “You’re kidding, right?”

Then there are rituals that are considered to be ‘magic/k’ but are not outright religious.  These can also vary and may often seem mainly like individuals displaying their uniqueness in weird ways.  Sample:  Q. “Why does Susy babble over a crumpled bunch of black yarn in addition to studying for an exam?”  A. “We don’t know, but she believes it helps and its harmless as far as we can, we haven’t tried to stop her.”

Well, that doesn’t completely cover the topic but its pretty good for something so brief.

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