Fahren Lernen – Driving in a foreign nation

Fear is not always useless or meaningless.  For some reason I have had fear about driving in a foreign nation.  I do believe that I can, but have not just jumped into a car and gone ahead.  Well, here in Germany, I do want to drive so I have started working on learning how.  So far, I have not been a passenger here much, so I have had fewer opportunities for passive learning.

Little by little I am learning.  Part of this included some driving lessons and a book but now I have a wonderful computer disc system.  One of the many things I am discovering is how the German mentality is different from the American mind set.  Americans tend to expect just one answer to a multiple choice question and to force prioritization even when it is unnatural to do so.  Germans, on the other hand, want you include all relevant information even if that means selecting every option amongst multiple choice answers.  If you get 2 out of 3 they just call you wrong and that’s that.

Another discovery is the source of the anxiety about just jumping into a car and driving in this country.  My experience is not useless, there are many times when it yields correct answers, but then, all of a sudden there is a sign that I am not sure about.  The thought of coming across something like that at 70 mph or just 30 mph but in heavy traffic or rain is understandably terrifying.  OH JUST GUESS!!!



Blogging has become famous.  Like so much in life, the results of people’s blogging varies a great deal.  In the best of cases, people end up rich and happy because their blogs ‘go pro’ and advertisers and fan-readers come together.   The other best cases are amateurs for whom blogging does precisely what they had hoped it would do:  keep in touch with a base of friends or relatives or even online fans and nothing else.

Most likely, the majority find their own experience with blogging to be a bit different than either the ideals or the worst case scenarios.  In this case, blogging is intended to help find readers for my professional writing, to be friendly, and to give people a way to get to know me, whether they live around here or not.

As you will all notice: some days are more professional; other days more personal.

Bonding with other writers is nice, but in reality we need publishers and readers more than anything else.


Angie’s Diary & Social Media

Writers need readers.  Publishers are often the main interface between the two.  One of the many wonderful online publishers is Angie’s Diary.  Angie’s was founded by a woman who lives in the Netherlands.  While focused on serving women, Angie’s is also open to men.

For professional writers, giving work away and getting paid is part and parcel of the challenge.  Most folks appreciate sharing and the odd freebie.  Most adults are painfully away of the realities of exploitation and slave labor.  Professional writers seek to strike a balance so that they do share but make sure they don’t end up penniless due to having their generosity abused by consumers.

Thanks to these factors, readers can buy materials but can also find things for free.  Kids, housewives, students etc.. are liable to be grateful for the free giveaways.  For workers, the odd free gift is apt to be quite a relief but is not needed the way it is for some.

Social media is another way that services are given, while also sold.  Systems such as this blog, as well as things like Facebook and YouTube and Google all involve money and revenue.  Much like with radio – while everyone loves the free music, the truth is that advertising pays for it and sales of the music are what makes it worth it to artists to go ahead and give it away so much.


An Adventure in Indianapolis is set in the city of Indianapolis.  One of the big questions for writers is – do you need to live there, or to visit, or is research enough?  Is your imagination enough to do what is needed, so you can create a great story?  Well, in truth, as a writer, I believe that this depends.  In the case of this novel I went with what was easiest: I set the novel in the city I had been living in for the 6 years prior to writing it.  I don’t live there now, and it really does make a difference.

What is Trillium, which is for kids or for an intergenerational audience, takes place in a residential neighborhood.  Here, the setting is actually also the USA – because that’s really where I lived when I wrote it, or else I wrote it living in Germany but not even used to Germany enough to feel relaxed about setting a story in it.

In truth, for SF and F, it doesn’t matter.  For historical fiction, I think that research is enough.  I think that if needed, it would be OK to rely on research but it is easier and more natural to use a location where one has spent some time for the setting of a story.



YouTube – book promotions and sharing oneself

YouTube is one of the latest greatest means for the general population to have more interactive opportunities using televisual media.  Way back in high school, there was a class called TVP – television production.  Guess what?  I never took that one.

YouTube was created by people younger than myself, by about 10 years.  Like millions of others I am grateful to them and to the invisible people who’s capital investment allowed YouTube to become so powerful.

YouTube is one of those creations which to me has appeal for business and for pleasure.  Given that, here are the links to a book promotional video and then one which is “all just me being myself”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4u0AE7Rt30  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md2zj-UMVYo

Kids as Readers – and how Uranian Fiction helps them

Maybe you are a kid who likes a good story.  Maybe you’re an adult who knows some kids who like good stories.  Readers really ‘make or break’ writers.  Sure, the writer needs to be talented and skillful, but without readers – let’s just say its worse than ‘the sound of one hand clapping’ or ‘a tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear it’.

Uranian Fiction is made for both adults and for children.  There are adult novels which should really be ‘off limits’, but to make it fair, there are stories mainly for kids.  Right now Uranian Fiction only has juvenile fiction for ‘medium aged kids’.

Right now, there are 3 short fiction stories for the under 18 crowd:  Sharbenau the Squirrel, is about an animal who discovers mysterious powers.  Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time, is about a kid who travels in time once he gets his homework done.  What is Trillium? is a story about an intergenerational friendship.  One of a boy’s neighbors has discovered a new element and shares his scientific breakthrough with a kid who lives on the block.

To find these stories, just search UranianFiction.com

Uranian Fiction – what is it?

This catchy name is a generational marker amongst the currently middle aged people.  Radioactivity was all the rage and then it turned into the nuclear arms race and nuclear power plant.  Well, we worried sometimes but we survived after all and are glad.

There are also LBGT people using Uranus as somehow a code…maybe because of your anus.

Mainly, over half my lifetime ago, some high school colleagues voted me in as “Most Unique Girl”.  Well, I was delighted.  As I have said: there is good weird and there is bad weird.  Its OK to be good weird.

That’s precisely what Uranian Fiction is: distinctive, unusual, long fiction and short.  Check it out!