Saving the World with your Signature

This is about public activism.  Many of us have seen petitions at least once in a while.  Although being able to sign and make a financial donation is even more powerful, signing petitions is one easy and fun way to help others on a massive scale.  Since I am one of those people who likes to help others – I really like it when they come through.  Yes, there is pleasure in feeling that I have had the power to take action to protect the environment or encourage responsible legislation.  Its a subtle pleasure compared to a lot of other things, but it is real.

Thanks to Facebook posts forwarded by others who are part of the same wave, just yesterday or the day before I signed another 3 petitions advocating protection of the environment [British Columbian rain forest] , fair trade for small coffee bean growers [shade grown on a small farm is best for the planet], and protecting women’s access to birth control.  Like being one of the millions who signed Obama’s Health Care Reform [they sent a certificate and called me a co-signer]; it really is nice to know that we can make a difference even when we’re “one of the little people” feeling like one of the drops in a river or a rain storm.


PS: Thanks to Dad, who may be the most regular reader.

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