Advice for Writers

Well, there is plenty of advice for writers.  One can take a degree or two in it.  Although for novelists I think nowadays they suggest MFA rather than a BA in communications or journalism.  Ye Olde English major still has some value.

There are books on the subject as well.  There are blogs.  There are Tweets.  There is Facebook.  There is the Writers Bureau.  There is learning by doing.  There is….

Writers vary.  Some want to write great literature.  Some want to make a buck.  Some want a salary and a byline and a corporate atmosphere.  Some want to hold day jobs in unrelated fields and do some writing in their free time.   Some want to earn enough money to quit their day job.  Some want to work all day in a writing related day job and then crank out ‘their own stuff’ in their spare time.  Some just want a situation where they can read their poetry out aloud or get feedback from people who might be interested and are not seeking to ‘go pro’.

Some poets are known to view being paid the way many people treat prostitution.  I mean, for poetry – you would do something like that?!  Naturally, there are people making money working greeting cards and poetess’s such as Maya Angelou actually prospering from poetry, like all the wives who declare “I’m not even a prostitute but I still get money; even though I actually like/love my husband.”

Out there somewhere is a defensive prostitute.  All I can tell that entity is:  I hope you are OK.  I’m sorry you got sucked into that.  I hope you are able to enjoy it at least sometimes and can get out of it and move on.  I do view it as low status work – like crime is low status, but I still think you are a human being worthy of respect and I do have compassion for you.

So, writers have to seek the type of advice that will actually help.  Uh, in this sense, it can be wiser to poke around or not.  Maybe you know what you need and no one needs to tell you.  Maybe you need to find writer’s conventions or do a course or just read.

Personally both a strength and weakness is my tendency to ‘learn by doing’.   Last week that meant more of ProBlogger and crying to myself over having spent on a website and needing money so I can buy new ink to resubmit a book proposal to a publisher.

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