Nonfiction Effort – from the philosopheress’s desk

First things first: Philosopheress is grammatically correct English for female philosopher.  The Americans won’t even like this, and so I have felt strongly discouraged from using the feminine form under ordinary circumstances.  Even so, it is correct in my case.

Second things second:  when I seriously thought about how I might best help humanity in a way which is also rewarding for me personally, in addition to marriage, motherhood and traditionally female methods…I thought maybe some novels, or a scientific thing…but after university I still thought: maybe a book or two of philosophy.  Well, one is still in the proposal stages and being sent around.  Another, I did, originally planning to make it full length but at 20,000 words feels strangely complete.

5 Big Questions in life is an introductions to methods and main ideas from the Western philosophical tradition.  Why should anyone listen to me?  Aside from being funny, I’ve been offered an MA, received a PD in Modern European Philosophy and that came after the BS in philosophy but before the 20 professionally written book summaries on more philosophers – mainly Europeans, not to mention the informal self-education of reading.  I’ve read some of the women in the Western tradition as well as men, including the basic: Simone DeBeauvoir, Mary Wollstonecraft, Luce Irigaray and Ayn Rand.

The 5 Big Questions in Life includes methods for answering: Is there a God?, How do we know what we know? and other extremely major questions.   Concisely written yet accessible, this book brings readers applicable methods as well as answers to such questions.    For a limited time, you can have it for free, but I am also going to be selling it.  In that respect, I am taking a tip from the musicians who sell and share freely.


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