Fundraising & Work

OK, well, it was a new day yesterday, but its an old day now.  That’s a quote by Jethro Tull and I suspect that if I were to sell 10 million copies of that quote, someone from the and or their children should get 5% of the income from the page the sentence is printed on, or something like that.

In reality, I’m hoping for more writing contracts to come through and yet again going through the cycle of:  I”m supposed to be being functionally self-employed, rather than simply unemployed or underemployed or exploited or playing make-believe that I have a job or something like that.  At times like this, it is obvious that my little writing business does seem to be growing, but is still like a delicate fledgling flower or a sprout with maybe the second set of leaves unfurling of the stem.

Meanwhile, given that I am here, I am also searching for other ways to generate income.  They actually range a great deal from near begging, to looking at the local government’s social net, to scouring ads for people hiring people to teach Germans better English but also I’m interested in capital investors.

In the off chance that this message reaches someone who actually has a big chunk of change, here’s the deal.  If you grant me a relatively small amount of money I will be grateful and will use it to keep going.  However, if you drop more than $10 Grand at once, then we can talk about business expansion, other projects and how this is going to not only help me personally, but is also going to ‘create jobs’.  At least one job, for starters.  The more you give, the more we can talk about projects that still do help me but that help others, both at the receiving end and also by creating more jobs.  I hope this demonstrates the level of maturity needed or expected if you’re going to let me have a sizeable chunk of money.  If you read this, and are serious about donating, please DO contact me.

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