Basics of Promotion – for Writers

Promotion is something that all writers need to do to find lots of readers.  Marketing is something that some writers are better at than others.  Social media and publishing companies and advertising are all part of promotion for writers.  Being self – employed as a freelancer or as a small business is not the easiest thing in the world for most people to do exceptionally well.

Writers, like most other people, have strengths and weaknesses.  Ideally, writers can operate like most businesses and get help from other people to cover for their own weaknesses while making the best of one’s strengths.  This is nothing to be ashamed of: its the only reason there are multiple job titles in all big business and small ones alike.

Hosting web sites and ‘getting the work out there’ are all big.  Creating and then maintaining ‘a platform’ is important.  In the beginning, it can be shocking for writers who had thought all the job involved was actually writing well and then mailing a good manuscript to a good and powerful publisher.

Well, that’s all just part of the job.

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