& Freelance Writing

In truth, when I started out my intention had been to keep a day job &/or a husband who supported me and to use traditional publishers for only novels.  Well, as you may have been told, life does not always abide by one’s personal wishes in every detail.  For years I continued to either work day jobs, or rely on a husband type of entity and to keep writing here and there.  After many years of this, now and then, something would get published, usually for no pay – but there would be a little publishing credit to my name that way.

Then something changed.  At the suggestion of a woman who took over the wife role of my only child’s father and 2nd husband and friend etc…and sometimes opponent sadly but truly, I Googled freelancing and found  The bad news is that I am not now rich from the high paying marvelous writing contracts.  The good news is that, I have actually managed to get contracts to write – even ones where I would be paid right away – more like a regular job or foraging in the wild, instead of getting paid 6 months later like with so many magazines.

Well, I am very grateful to even though I have not made myself rich and famous using them.  They are not the only freelancing service out there, as many know, but when I found them I hadn’t ever been paid for my writing before despite having been published a few times and having written a novel over 10 years earlier.

Check them out.  Besides, they have a cool name.

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