Update on latest reading: one writer to another

OK, today I really read a little more of Mike Williamson’s Rogue.  Its been a while since I read an action packed SF novel even though from age 10 – 20 65% of pleasure reading was just that sort of thing.  The rest were fantasy novels.  Yes, that means the basic question is:  did it occur in interstellar space 3000AD  or if it was in the forest and there were elves with swords and radiant gems?

Mike’s story is set in outer space in the unspecified future but far enough for it to make sense that it has not happened yet….There are both male and female characters which is nice.   Its pretty good so far.  Personally whenever I dislike it, I feel like it is because of my interest in real life rather than because there is anything wrong with the writing.  Just, to be fair.

The other books, which I believe it does say at Goodreads, are A Chosen Faith – about the religion that I have practiced the most and from my earliest childhood – Unitarian Universalism.  Its one of those situations where one learns more about what one was already dealing with ….like some of it is review and some of it is ‘wow, I didn’t even know that; despite the decades of involvement….’ and Hillary Rodham Clinton Living History.  I voted for her even though I had a feeling about Obama – I had known of her and been a supporter of a lot her and a lot of her husband’s work – impeachment dangers and screw ups notwithstanding, so I stayed loyal to her….but when I could not vote for her, I did vote for Obama.  I would vote for both of them again….I wonder if she can be President after Obama:  if it could really happen, I’m willing to vote for her.

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