New Ways of Reading – for writers

Most people who stick with writing – especially the professionals began by doing it in school and most of these people also read.  Avid reading during youth, for recreation as well as for school is typical of most authors and writers.

For many people reading habits may change over the years.  For many who attend universities, they read so much during their higher education that many stop reading for fun, except for newspapers.  Others do it anyway, but many others wait for the holidays because between semesters they can read what they want.

At least once, I also read that many authors stop reading as much once they have become producers of the very product they used to consume in vast quantities.

The other big thing for writers is realizing that often in just a few days, one may gobble up a novel that the author spent half a year to an entire year writing, sometimes even longer.

In my own case, I have started reading some nonfiction for leisure.  I never read entire books of nonfiction for pleasure during childhood.  During university and graduate school, most of the nonfiction was in fact – educational textbook reading.  Now, somewhat to my own surprize, I read nf.  I do it slowly, much more slowly than expected.  It seems I am rather interested in real life, but still tend to try to avoid what I don’t like and what is so painful its hard to bear.

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