Twitter – A Writer’s Perspective

By now most of you are familiar with Twitter.  It is a new way of filtering the news.  So far, I have not examined or compared other peoples’ streams of Twitter posts to mine so I am not sure how much they vary.  I guess its like real life:  some of it is very unique and a lot of it is the same for big groups of us.

More than once a week, on the average, there are a few great articles and often at least one tip so helpful that I act on it and feel it gets me somewhere in terms of “achieving goals”.

Somehow it often seems impersonal, but it works its own special magic.  Really, don’t you feel like you’ve grown more personally involved when you read an article that you got from a tweet?  I do, especially when I actually learn something about another real person – often something new about someone whom I am already aware of.

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