Deity Drama & German Health Insurance

Yesterday was another one of those days in which the monolithic presence of Christianity – which is more like ‘what I’m used to’ came crashing down as I listened to some Buddhist in Malaysia showing a gargantuan statue of a Hindu deity the size of – well, in fact, the size of the gargantuan statue of Jesus Christ unveiled last year in South America.  Having only seen the one deity treated this way for so long, most of my life polytheism wasn’t anything I ever took seriously.  I mean it just seemed like something one read about in Greek philosophy texts or when listening to stories about ancient druids or Odin & Frigg and those deities, and their son, who still has a comic book and a movie – Thor.   Well, I gotta tell you at this point that the Hindus and Buddhists are both a real shock on that one.  I mean, the Hindus are just all out polytheists.  Online in a friendly chat with one, the pressure became so great I ended up laughing and just saying, “I guess my deity Jesus is from out of town!”

What does that have to do with Gesetzliche Krankenversicherungen?  When new to Germany, one may need God’s help to figure out what the heck that means.  Really, I can tell I have made some adjustments to Germany because half of the phrase makes sense and I have stopped just gaping at people in disbelief if they say that to me:  Gesetzliche Krankenversicherungen.  If you’re a German reader, you might not see the problem.   If you are one of the English speaking readers, then you can see why I found that confusing.

What is that??!!!!  It isn’t ‘boiled toad soup’….I mean, care to hazard a guess?  [more pained laughter].  In truth, it is the government sponsored health insurance.  I need to get some and I can and may even though I am foreign but have had to figure out how to.  A few people tried to tell me but as they are real Germans I felt mainly puzzled.  Now, I have been through 2 other insurances since I moved here, and have breathed enough of the air flowing through this particular town and have learned enough more German that the task is no longer entirely overwhelming.

Knowledge of languages connection:  when I first got here, I needed a translator just to be able to get my visa and to find out how to get to the first set of German lessons.  Now, my German is good enough to be able to understand – in simple language, how to sign up for the next batch of lessons.  I have also acquired enough experience to be able to find them – as they will be in the same place they were before.

Anyways, I think a course titled “What is a deity?”  which thoroughly answers this question correctly would be great.  I hope I don’t have to write it – I mean, I’d love to, but the reason I want the course is because ‘even I’ am a little confused about it right now.

Maybe it will be writing tips next time, or something like that.

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