Blog Criticism: Flaky & Meandering

Well, today, I was thrilled to see that someone liked the post about the Gutenburg Girls.  So, I went and read one of the “Likers” posts about Amsterdam.  She noticed that most of the people she found in that area of Amsterdam were intoxicated and looking to get laid or else just walking around checking out the scene and soaking up the atmosphere.  In the end, the prostitutes did not like having their pictures taken.  A lot of them would probably rather have other jobs or a decent boyfriend or girlfriend.  I always wonder – to they stock male prostitutes to service women?  Or are men considered so easy in general, and the men are supposed to pay or be free and that’s why not?

To change the topic completely, I read through some of my own posts.  It seemed that they may ‘meander’ a bit more than might be best.  Maybe it was that 5th cup of coffee or how bored I was.  I hope others find the blog posts to be good and entertaining and meaningful rather than offensive, inane or stupid.

I like it when people can tell I have a sense of humor but I don’t like it when I am not trying to funny but come off as funny.  Its also a little strange because sometimes I personally feel so very serious that when someone thinks of me as funny – in a good way, I almost feel as though they must have meant someone other than me…but they actually meant me.   I’m not sure why its like that.  I mean, I don’t understand why my self image is weird about that, given that I truly have animal balloons with a pump, and those swirly straws and had napkins with cartoon characters on them just to make the domestic situation more fun.  I have even considered ‘clowning lessons’ – but I still get weirded out sometimes when it works and another adult finds me amusing.  When children think I’m funny it seems more normal.  I am not angry with anyone about this, I just find it a little strange.

OMG – was that really the 8th cup of coffee today?  Oh dear.

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