Sometimes its just really yes.

Today, I was having guilt about not having blogged yesterday despite the lack of posted comments and so on. Then I was going through Twitter and came across some links worth following. While doing that, I came across a writer in a bad mood and then I found :The Gutenburg Girls. Well, we’re all interconnected all of the time anyways, like it or not, but sometimes uncovering connections amongst ourselves is really fun. Please enjoy the below. As an author, I am in an industry dependent in part, not only upon readers but also upon paper manufacturers.

Laura is the Director of Sales & Operations Planning, which is a fancy way of saying she is the leader of several groups within our mills, including the department that plans what goes on each of the four paper machines in our Ohio mill, and the Customer Service groups in our mills in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Melissa is the Product Manager of Publishing, Converting and Commodity Papers, which is a very long way of saying she is the liaison between the sales force and the paper mill, responsible for product line details, new business development, product lifecycles, and other fun stuff like that. Laura and Melissa both work every single day on the details that help get paper for books off the paper machines and onto trucks and out to printing presses, which turns them into the gorgeous, lovely books we all adore.

We call ourselves the Gutenberg Girls because we personally and professionally love paper books. We love the feel of the paper, we love the beautifully designed covers, we love deckle edges and French flaps, we love it all. The Gutenberg Bible, being the first mass market printed book, spoke to us and inspired our name. We both travel for work, and you will never find us without a printed book on the plane/train/automobile in which we find ourselves (we admit, we’re a little smug when people end up perusing the SkyMall catalog as their only outlet when the plane doors shut and all electronics have to be turned off for takeoff.)

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