The Murkiness of Pre-History, and The God – Nietzsche Connection

Today, I’m going to share a link to a series done by two men, who I think are both standard issue Protestant Christian clerics.  If you can endure the possibly suspect little newsletter – weird mostly because it wasn’t put together by your personal congregational members…there is a man who has done magnificent research, quite possibly more than most people could stand.  During this series, he graciously shares much of the best results – giving us the beautiful results of God-knows-how-long in the library covering in both depth and breadth, early Christianity – including responses to many of the common criticisms so many of us know.

At some point, I got into this and then starting searching for information to contextualize the origin of God [which Jews are not supposed to write down but Christians are allowed to].  In reality, aside from making me worry that God started out as a Hebrew or pre-Hebraic version of a Yogi…why that would worry me rather than reassure me, is another issue.  Anyways, I found myself getting the review of the ancient world’s religions which triggered memories – not of history lessons, but of reading Friedrich Nietzsche, who himself dredged through all this stuff before or while he wrote his books in the 1860s and/1870s.  [Dates are a weakness of mine, and have a+/- 10 years margin of error].  Well, round and round she goes, where she stops/ nobody knows.

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