“I” – don’t take it the wrong way…Who was that cuddling at the dinner table? JC

I think you are aware that I am a panentheist – which means that I believe that God is within each of us, but also resides externally in the world – but that there is more to God than we will generally know or understand, and God is always also beyond the world as we know it.

I honestly don’t know whether or not you’ve read much of the Bible.  Sometimes I have tried it and it just seemed crazy or scary or all about how some 35 or 60 year old Jewish rabbi has a vision or a dream which explains international politics and then he goes and tells a King about it.  The symbols often make no sense to me at all, at least not the first time.  Even though that is true, there have been many other times when I picked up The Bible and read part of it and went WOW, God actually DOES understand what I am going through and shows sympathy and consideration both when he agrees and when he doesn’t.  Really, back in like 2007, I was in the library in Indianapolis and picked up the book of Hosea and found answers or at least some type of knowledge and understanding regarding my sex life.  I know that you don’t have the same issues, but I was like, “Wow, that’s weird; I really hadn’t expected a 3000 year old text to show that much awareness of the type of culture I’m dealing with on a daily basis.”  Still, when I read a lot more of The Bible in 2006 one of the things that stood out in my mind the most was that Jesus was pretty touchy feely.  I hadn’t previously thought about him like that, but apparently its the truth.

Main points:  just keep the 10 commandments to show love of God.  Its that simple and difficult.  Anything and everything that you are able to forgive others for doing, you will receive forgiveness for …

Anyways, as I know that you have not been feeling Christian lately I thought I’d share brief bits from “Our Number 1 Jewish Rabbi of all time: Jesus Christ”….

Hugs & thank you once again,

Miriam Pia

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