Was that really what that was? Judaism

Well, let’s look at Jesus’s proclaimed Father today.  I went to the following link:  http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/judaism.html.

Look, yogis are cool and all, but if the being I learned about as the One True God, was actually just a mortal who was a good yogi, or came up with the abstract concepts of law for the first time and a King then I’m sorry but I’m actually disappointed.

Why?!  Because that’s like finding out that: that wasn’t a completely different level of being, it was actually just my sibling’s husband rather than my own….in terms of deities, and their lives as mortals or as yogis.  I would feel like we were wrong or had been lied to or really have fallen for an error thinking that was the only ‘real one’ rather than it actually having been ethnocentricity – that was actually just the Jews’ one.  It makes me feel that I misjudged the whole thing and also that I don’t even worship ‘that god’ and what I do think is – or did think was ‘that God’ is actually an understanding or insight that may not even have existed back then.

So, now that I may have spread the weird feeling from myself over to you – through sharing, sleep well and may you dream the truth.

One thought on “Was that really what that was? Judaism

  1. Virgen Fargnoli says:

    judaism is also a nice religion just like christianity. my grand dad is also a jewish.”

    Most recent post on our own website

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