Long Distance D&D ….

Today marks another victory of high technology.  In reality, what happened was that my teen was trying to be considerate of my needs and preferences and helped arrange a session of a game that he knows I tend to like, at least as far as games go.

Then, we used online technologies which are …what people in my age group are getting used to and people like my son are growing up accepting as normal and as rather safe assumptions.

Using Skype and Webcam technology together with myth-weavers and SRD wikis and things of this nature put together we were able to play D&D for a few hours with people living 4500 miles Southwest of our present location.  We do so, in truth, because for the last year or two before we moved to Germany we played with them live and in person on Saturday afternoons and actually really were sorry to lose that as part of the move.  So, it was some solace to have the conference call.

What is a little bizarre for me, is that although I just turned 44 years old, and had assumed that if I had an experience at all like that, it would have been a business conference call, it was not.  It was a gaming session.  Incredible.

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