Mother and son share a band

It turns out that both Sven and I have been enjoying Disturbed.   Here’s one big difference: I’m so old – 44, that I think they are a young new band.  My son is so young – 16, that he thinks they are a good current/old band.  They have been around for over a decade.  Sven and I found out about them through X103 and Indianapolis FM Radio station.  When I really think about it, we found them a few years ago.  As I haven’t outgrown my shoes or other clothes – meaning that I really need new ones by the upcoming school year [here we are just halfway through a school year] it doesn’t seem like it was as long ago to me.  Of course, I could be deceiving myself about it – probably not flat out lying, but more like forgetting or just ignoring it or pretending I didn’t notice when really I did.  Anyways, mother and son have been enjoying a band.  In answer to the question ‘why metal’?  The real reason is metal.  I mean, literally metal.  I love metal, but also find it intimidating and the loud noises our metal dependent machines make can also be scary…so I think it has to do with the blend of affection and fear:  steel, car doors, rail roads as well as knives, guns etc…aluminum, tin, gold, silver, zinc, copper etc…Metal.

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