Guru, Satguru &

Guru is a foreign word for spiritual teacher.

Let me try that again.  Guru is a Hindu word for cleric who focuses on adult r.e. [religious education].  Basically, they get training, just like we expect for clerics but instead of shipped out to churches within their denomination of Christianity [I don’t know how most other religions handle this] some of them who can get it together to do so, set up a temple and run courses and retreats and one off workshops and people just pay to show up when they feel ready for it.

Satguru is some term I am confused about it, but its something like either a grand master or like saying Dr. Swanson, rather than Mr. Swanson or Ms. Swanson.  I’m not sure whether or not its like saying Bishop or Arch bishop rather than Father or Mother Superior rather than Sister.  I still don’t know.  Well, given the above we can see immediately the kind of relationship they are offering.  What makes it both clear and confusing is that is a freelancing website; its not one of those rotating showcases one sees at a store only of gurus.  It twirls freelance opportunities to individuals in numerous fields.  It makes it both harder and easier.  One has more choice but instead of the security of a boss who supplies a steady stream of work one just keeps doing, there is more choice.  Now, it might be that my own approach is why I am not getting the same results.  If I just bid on everything and did anything and everything that got a ‘yes’ then maybe I would be further along or would hate myself already from doing what really works.  I don’t know.  I’m hoping it will help purify my ‘yes’ but that I will stop not earning a whole living due to not saying yes to anything and everything ‘that moves’.   Well, it certainly is a guru in terms of teaching people about ourselves while also learning about whatever field we’re in.  In my case, its writing, but handles all kinds of things.

2 thoughts on “Guru, Satguru &

  1. Gert says:

    Gee wilesklri, that’s such a great post!

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