Showcasing workplace diversity

In 2009 or so, while driving in my car – hm, maybe it was way back in 2007 or 2008 when someone on the radio announced that 50% of the workforce in the USA was female ‘right now’.   I ended up explaining to my son – who was in the passenger seat, on the North side of Indianapolis, that the only thing about this that seemed weird to me, is that I had thought it was already like that back in 1980 but had been very wrong.

Well, some of this is due to the partial success of progressive movements and some of it is despite all kinds of sorrowful troubles.  While this is only one type of diversity: gender, it is one reason why the following book is so great.

My personal relationship with the book, is that I was grateful that Jermaine Davis – the author, let me have some paying work as a ghostwriter by helping him on this project.  Thanks to that, I produced 30% – 50% of the contents of the first draft.  I don’t know how much he had it changed after that.  I love projects that support my values.  Its like getting to work and enhance one’s soul instead of fighting just to keep it.

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