Ghost Job Books – a new form of excitement  This is one of the books I am proud to have worked on.  I did one draft for this, but way back when I did it had a different title and was called 12 Universal Laws.  In this case, I am pretty sure they had at least one more ghost work it over before an editor or two made it the book it is now.  I feel a bit sulky when the publisher, or the people who hired me don’t even send me a copy, but I’ll live.  Its nice to actually see some results. I mean, it definitely does make me feel more like a real writer in the perception of others now that there are at least a few books out that I had something to do with.  Still eagerly awaiting the release of a novel I actually authored that even has my name on it – journalists call this a byline….but you have to be flexible sometimes, in order to succeed…but by that I am not trying to tell people to check in their values at the door as if it were old luggage.

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