Well, look who’s having a birthday!

OK, today I’m 44 years old.  In my group of Facebook friends alone, there are 5 of us who have today as our real birthday.  Wow.  I’m old enough that many of my peers switched from being proud and excited about having birthdays to acting ashamed or embarrassed about it.  Personally, I still think its a good sign, but I keep hoping to improve with age.  A few years ago, once I passed the age 35 mark, I heard that people can age either like fine wine or can turn into vinegar – well, actually, now that I think about it, maybe I first heard that one while still in my 20s.  If I get the full life expectancy this is the beginning of the first half: OMG, did I say the same thing yesterday?  If so, I beg forgiveness. If not, then now is another good time to prioritize…but let’s face it: every day is a good day to prioritize.  What means most in life?  The answer is not the same for everyone.  With me, its mainly spiritual stuff [G-d, etc.] and loving relationships with other people; then career and playing around.  My biggest fear is of dying agonizingly slowly and forgetting or refusing to make sure those who I love know that I love them – reminding them.  I love you, goodbye.  That’s pretty much me.

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