Book Release Drama

Today’s topic is book release drama.  This is the experience that occurs between when a publisher actually says yes to publishing a novel and how long it takes for it to actually come out.  During such a time an author’s ego can grow or shrink or both.  Who to tell, who not to tell and how long will it take for it to be released.

One big lesson for writers seems to be that just like in the rest of real life, everyone is unique and so, although there is a lot of the same behavior that will work for everyone, it seems every writer’s journey is different.  There are authors who have their first novel published right out of the gate; others get there by fussing enough to get an editor’s attention; meanwhile, there are other authors who spend decades with a first novel or even nonfiction book – and to this day we’re not sure whether its because the book’s power is growing like a stalagtite – one drip at a time, or like growing crystals or if its that the entire spiritual essence of the author has to grow just to get the project to work or if the author is actually just repeatedly waylaid from taking it further or is broke.

For those who’s works make it out into the world, the release of a novel is a big deal, even though for some it is anti-climactic: in terms of the life of a book’s success, the release is more like the landing of a multiple section staircase than like reaching the top.


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