Investments & Our Lives Well, here is an example of work I have done as a ghostwriter.  There’s good news and there’s bad news.  The bad news is that I was paid so little for writing it, that I actually personally lost the few thousand that I had in mutual funds.  What makes it worse, is that my investments were good and were steadily earning money.  So, this makes the situation for you and I both because it shows that, especially with the research that I did to write the book – I have some good basic financial sense.  However, it also shows a little career progress in that I got paid to write, even an entire draft of a book.  Now in truth, I don’t know whether or not the guy who hired me ran this through another ghostwriter before publishing it or hired an outside editor or if that’s ‘all me using the idea I was paid to write on’.  The author never even sent me, the ghost, a copy of the book.  I feel weird about it.  I feel so proud of having been paid to do an nf book and to have gained some experience this way, and yet, I feel pretty bad about how little I earned doing it and how writing professionally is actually supposed to make me money rather than being like a bait to make me lose money.  WTF?!

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