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Fiction, truth and demons (draft)

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Although I prefer angels to demons, by far, something happened which I got angry enough about to think of demons.  A few weeks ago I wrote a great post about how Writers Transcend the Ego.  Authors really do learn a great deal about transcending the personal ego.  Character POV and also many of the standard narrative view points all involve altering one’s perception on things, on life, on a situation.

It does seem to be some type of “trance meditation” in that a lot of the time good writers are people who stare out windows or just sit there with their fingers moving while listening to music with or without headphones.

Really though, another apsect of professional writing that involves transcending the personal ego is of course ghostwriting.  For authors, this is ‘something different’ but for journalists this is almost an assumption, at least for junior colleagues.  Ghostwriting is writing without your name ending up attached to it.  Often, one reason for this is that the article or story wasn’t even your idea, but luckily enough, you will be paid for writing it.  Another reason is that there are enough editors used that by the time your work comes out, it is more like a group project than like the work of your individual self as an author.

Now, there is another aspect to the whole thing and that involves the amateur versus the professional.  Some of the best stuff comes from amateurs some comes from pros.  Many of the professionals really are high quality and better than the amateurs, but now and then there are pros who are mediocre but so hard working that they win anyway.  Such people are normally not terrible writers, just not the best but able to handle the entire job rather than only the writing part.

Well, the good news is that writers often naturally transcend their own egos simply by doing their work.  Some would claim that is also the bad news.

Well, despite the little demons effort to take away this post from all of you and the free world, here it is.  In the whole of life I believe more along the lines that both angels and demons, but especially demons are mainly anything that causes strong reactions of fear and anger: the anger are the demons themselves half the time.  In regular life I don’t think real people are that polarized.  I don’t even believe in the ‘angel on one shoulder, demon on the other polarity’.   I do think that kindness, and sometimes just politeness in an office setting helps to limit the amount of crying and fighting than would otherwise take place.  Anyways, I won’t go more into that today, unlike conservative religious fundamentalists I chose the word demon because the keyword analysis tool told me that its competetive and I wanted to find readers.  Peace be with you: is that incense smoke up your nose?



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