Demons – the life of a writer

Well, what are demons?  I hope to propose a new definition.  This is one which already exists, but may not be the one you were taught.  There are those who conceive of demons as externally existing spiritual entities.  That may be true in some cases, but that is not what this is about at all.

This post is about recognizing that sudden intense rage is the basic definition of a demon, for out purposes.  This is why viral software or people not able to speak the same language may both be viewed as ‘demons or relating to demons’….because they tend to set people off.

I just had an experience that reminded me of ‘minor demons’:  I was contacted by someone who claimed he was a fan of my work.  Later on, he revealed that he had just lied about that entirely and just wanted to chat.  Now, I like people enough to want to chat, and in some ways its easy to forgive: just looking for a reason to get me to chat, but I also feel as though my ego was viciously attacked – the way a pack of 13 year old girls can attack another girl’s ego by frowning at the brand of eye liner she’s carrying….as vicious…because it was: oh wow, someone who actually really cares about my work!  followed by: wow, just a lie.  Also, lies and deceit.  Wow, huh?  Sometimes they really are harmless but other times, wow, they really suck.

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