Illustrations & Writing Fiction

Writing for Children

Children’s writers often contend with the need for illustrations.  The situation for ghostwriters is not necessarily the same as it is for someone who feels very much either: an illustrator or an author.

My Truth

Well, actually, so far the only time I illustrated my own fiction was on a project which has never been published.  The project was still good: I wrote some children’s stories for my son and painted some water colors to go with them.  In truth, I was relieved that the water color paintings were any good.  It is also true that only people who enjoy stylized art would appreciate them.

Guilt of a Cheap Ghostwriter

I am guilty of having earned some money as a hideously cheap ghostwriter at times.  I had not wish to be so cheap but did want professional experience ghostwriting.  Some cases of that involved writing children’s stories.  There were times when a real person who “is an illustrator” came up with a concept and like with comics, still needed a writer.  In other cases, someone had an idea and paid both a writer and an illustrator and I handled the writing of a very short children’s story.

I do also do some writing for children as an author.  It isn’t that predictable, when I do or don’t, but if you check the post called A Quick Tour of Published Works, you can find the link and buy a copy of a story that also appears in Stories from the Heart an anthology.  In both cases, the story is available to Kindle readers.

Those who are

Over at my Facebook page there are a few ‘real illustrators’ such as Duncan Long – if you are ever seeking someone to draw a book cover.


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