The Grunge Marriage & There’s ‘that guy’ again

Well, here is some music which is somehow both enjoyable and very obnoxious:  It immortalizes the wavelength of being a 24 year old, in love with but feeling jilted by and enraged towards her husband – who is 26: an older man.  Supposedly this has either too much to do with what I’m like 20 years later, or else, since the marriage ended when I was 25 – meaning the man spent 5 or 6 years really closely associated with me…but what does that have to do with me now, today, aside from his not being my husband today means that he’s not ‘that guy’ who’s here.  Well, today ‘no one’ is ‘that guy’ but for fun, here’s our imaginary partner – I picked a real person:  He’s more older than me, but might be shorter than me like the first husband.  Also, the first husband is the only person who has ever called me Buddha so far…shifting our focus….Red & Yellow – Asians have a ‘thing’ about red and yellow, don’t ‘they’?

Was that really what that was? Judaism

Well, let’s look at Jesus’s proclaimed Father today.  I went to the following link:

Look, yogis are cool and all, but if the being I learned about as the One True God, was actually just a mortal who was a good yogi, or came up with the abstract concepts of law for the first time and a King then I’m sorry but I’m actually disappointed.

Why?!  Because that’s like finding out that: that wasn’t a completely different level of being, it was actually just my sibling’s husband rather than my own….in terms of deities, and their lives as mortals or as yogis.  I would feel like we were wrong or had been lied to or really have fallen for an error thinking that was the only ‘real one’ rather than it actually having been ethnocentricity – that was actually just the Jews’ one.  It makes me feel that I misjudged the whole thing and also that I don’t even worship ‘that god’ and what I do think is – or did think was ‘that God’ is actually an understanding or insight that may not even have existed back then.

So, now that I may have spread the weird feeling from myself over to you – through sharing, sleep well and may you dream the truth.

Bizarre events with comments from the gospel acc. to Matthew

Today, it being Sunday, I checked in with the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Virtual Monastery.  There was a Biblical reading with response.  In this case, I’ve decided to comment here, of all places.  First, I did 2 things.  I read the verses – which means the little half paragraphs with the numbers put in there apparently to help clerics organize Sunday sermons.  Then I re-read the same passages in the context of even the rest of the page they show up on in the copy of the Bible I have.

It starts out emphasizing how John the Baptist introduced baptism with open confession of sins as a major new method for purifying and helping repentance and forgiveness of Jews.  Then, it says that after he received baptism thanks to John – who was actually a 1st or 2nd cousin of his, he immediately had a vision and then went and spent 40 days – an entire month in the wilderness:  “primitive camping at best” in our language.    Say again?  He received the baptism directly from his 1st or 2nd cousin John, had a vision and ran off into the forest or desert or shrubs and lived like a wild animal outside of civilization for over a month but when John the baptist got arrested, Jesus showed up again.

He went and taught in a Synagogue but spoke to people with such an air of authority that others were astounded – in some cases, very impressed, but in other cases…more like shocked: the audacity of Jesus the Nazerene…then, according to Matthew, Jesus was heckled but it wasn’t a normal heckler, it was someone possessed by a demon who immediately recognized Jesus as the Christ and Savior and was antagonistic because of that.   Jesus cast out the demon.

Now, here, and not for the only time, in the Bible there is a description of the heckler dropping and having a fit of convulsions or epileptic seizure, because when a demon exits a living human body, it hurts the person.  After the eviction, the person is better rather than worse, but for some reason this is reported in more than one location in the Bible, including here.

Later, Jesus gets a few fishermen to abandon their jobs to be his disciples – talk about “go with the flow”.  Well, that’s not all there is to that portion of The Bible, but that’s what really stood out about it today.

Long Distance D&D ….

Today marks another victory of high technology.  In reality, what happened was that my teen was trying to be considerate of my needs and preferences and helped arrange a session of a game that he knows I tend to like, at least as far as games go.

Then, we used online technologies which are …what people in my age group are getting used to and people like my son are growing up accepting as normal and as rather safe assumptions.

Using Skype and Webcam technology together with myth-weavers and SRD wikis and things of this nature put together we were able to play D&D for a few hours with people living 4500 miles Southwest of our present location.  We do so, in truth, because for the last year or two before we moved to Germany we played with them live and in person on Saturday afternoons and actually really were sorry to lose that as part of the move.  So, it was some solace to have the conference call.

What is a little bizarre for me, is that although I just turned 44 years old, and had assumed that if I had an experience at all like that, it would have been a business conference call, it was not.  It was a gaming session.  Incredible.

The Writer as Mother: Report Cards, D&D & more

Today, the 16 year old brought home a Report Card.  He did well enough to make some money and a few strokes to his well deserving ego.  As the foreign-in-Germany mother, I mainly felt how ‘in German’ the thing is.  I brought my kid here from Indianapolis, and have made him go to school in German….but as I truthfully point out to him:  he is both American and German – I am not the German.  The most German my ancestors get is English & Hannoverian English.  Even so, I have agreed to voluntarily take more German lessons here.  We can thank Kant, Hegel & Nietzsche for that, but especially Nietzsche.  I actually like Hegel’s philosophy more, but Nietzsche was a great writer “very readable” and a fellow lefty. The “junior German” is doing well.

Forgive me for having digressed.  To be nice to me – the Mom, we will be playing even more Dungeons & Dragons tomorrow, using Skype.  This is actually Conference Calling only for recreational rather than corporate use – which is a little weird, depending upon how professional one is.  This is because I told my son I would still like to interact beyond making him sandwiches or having him do chores.  In truth we’re doing great at getting along, especially considering that he’s 16 years old now.  Well, time to go choose my weapons.

More:  still on the look out for new writing contracts of course.


Mother and son share a band

It turns out that both Sven and I have been enjoying Disturbed.   Here’s one big difference: I’m so old – 44, that I think they are a young new band.  My son is so young – 16, that he thinks they are a good current/old band.  They have been around for over a decade.  Sven and I found out about them through X103 and Indianapolis FM Radio station.  When I really think about it, we found them a few years ago.  As I haven’t outgrown my shoes or other clothes – meaning that I really need new ones by the upcoming school year [here we are just halfway through a school year] it doesn’t seem like it was as long ago to me.  Of course, I could be deceiving myself about it – probably not flat out lying, but more like forgetting or just ignoring it or pretending I didn’t notice when really I did.  Anyways, mother and son have been enjoying a band.  In answer to the question ‘why metal’?  The real reason is metal.  I mean, literally metal.  I love metal, but also find it intimidating and the loud noises our metal dependent machines make can also be scary…so I think it has to do with the blend of affection and fear:  steel, car doors, rail roads as well as knives, guns etc…aluminum, tin, gold, silver, zinc, copper etc…Metal.

Guru, Satguru &

Guru is a foreign word for spiritual teacher.

Let me try that again.  Guru is a Hindu word for cleric who focuses on adult r.e. [religious education].  Basically, they get training, just like we expect for clerics but instead of shipped out to churches within their denomination of Christianity [I don’t know how most other religions handle this] some of them who can get it together to do so, set up a temple and run courses and retreats and one off workshops and people just pay to show up when they feel ready for it.

Satguru is some term I am confused about it, but its something like either a grand master or like saying Dr. Swanson, rather than Mr. Swanson or Ms. Swanson.  I’m not sure whether or not its like saying Bishop or Arch bishop rather than Father or Mother Superior rather than Sister.  I still don’t know.  Well, given the above we can see immediately the kind of relationship they are offering.  What makes it both clear and confusing is that is a freelancing website; its not one of those rotating showcases one sees at a store only of gurus.  It twirls freelance opportunities to individuals in numerous fields.  It makes it both harder and easier.  One has more choice but instead of the security of a boss who supplies a steady stream of work one just keeps doing, there is more choice.  Now, it might be that my own approach is why I am not getting the same results.  If I just bid on everything and did anything and everything that got a ‘yes’ then maybe I would be further along or would hate myself already from doing what really works.  I don’t know.  I’m hoping it will help purify my ‘yes’ but that I will stop not earning a whole living due to not saying yes to anything and everything ‘that moves’.   Well, it certainly is a guru in terms of teaching people about ourselves while also learning about whatever field we’re in.  In my case, its writing, but handles all kinds of things.

Abundance for the whole family

The movie the Secret is just one of the many ways that Americans have seen “abundance theory” during the dawn of the New Millenium.  Now that its 2012, of course, we’re getting much more used to being in the 21st century.  Despite having been first penned a few years ago now, there is a great book dedicated to how to cultivate wealth for the entire family.  My role was to be the ghostwriter.   The book has changed – I think they used another ghost, and then an editor.  Nevertheless, the book has turned out better even though it makes me feel more like its a group project than an individual endeavor.  Maybe that’s how it really works.  Here’s the link:

Pre-Release Tension: PRT

lol, but I think I have an author’s version of PMS now.  Yes, its PRT – before the book release.  I’m worried because I haven’t even received a high speed response from the publisher yet, but not too worried because they gave me a clear experience that we had reached another milestone recently.  Still, it feels like there’s a lot of build up of energy of some kind.  Part of it feels like my ‘achievement based ego center’ is now geared up and ready for to expand with the occurrence of the release of An Adventure in Indianapolis.

By the way, it would be fun if you or any readers you know join the Uranian Fiction website blog.

Showcasing workplace diversity

In 2009 or so, while driving in my car – hm, maybe it was way back in 2007 or 2008 when someone on the radio announced that 50% of the workforce in the USA was female ‘right now’.   I ended up explaining to my son – who was in the passenger seat, on the North side of Indianapolis, that the only thing about this that seemed weird to me, is that I had thought it was already like that back in 1980 but had been very wrong.

Well, some of this is due to the partial success of progressive movements and some of it is despite all kinds of sorrowful troubles.  While this is only one type of diversity: gender, it is one reason why the following book is so great.

My personal relationship with the book, is that I was grateful that Jermaine Davis – the author, let me have some paying work as a ghostwriter by helping him on this project.  Thanks to that, I produced 30% – 50% of the contents of the first draft.  I don’t know how much he had it changed after that.  I love projects that support my values.  Its like getting to work and enhance one’s soul instead of fighting just to keep it.