New Year’s Eve 2011

No matter whether this year felt long or short to you – we’re into the last few hours of it now.  Of course, depending upon where you live, maybe it just ended or maybe its still early in the day on New Year’s Eve.  Here in Germany its called Sylvester – like the cat that goes after Tweety bird.  While the old woman tortured both animals by having them both as pets has always been beyond me; she probably just likes both.

I don’t know that I’ll be doing ‘anything’ this year.  Some years I stayed up late with friends; some years I watched the ball drop; some years I got really intoxicated and/or had sex; some years I thought “My God, I’m a Mother now,” as if it was waking up one day only to learn I was now living on a different planet from the one I had been living on previously.

There’s plenty of time to go out and mingle and maybe even enough money to get drunk at a bar and take a cab home.  I have a feeling I might not do that, but I remember being like 18 and thinking my parents were really frumpy.


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