Helping Others – starting from here…

I think its always good to help others, but that we are each supposed to do so in a way where we look after ourselves well to, or are looked after well. There are a few exceptions – such as serving in a war or a few other things, but mainly no. Anyways, I’m wondering what others of you do. One of my challenges is that since I moved to Germany doing things trying to found the UU monastic order, and creating an OBOD Seed Group are the main efforts to be of service to others…For 3 years I served on church committees and also did political stuff. The first year over in Germany I still did political stuff but now the new election campaigns have begun and I’ve dropped the ball as if it were a hot potato. I know Matt Socey does a community theatre thing, and that at least one of the other UUI guys does RE and many of the UUI women do a variety of things. In reality, I am very grateful to a number of you other writers who have somehow become more adept at helping other writers and still making progress for yourselves. I have a few ideas for ‘how to help out in Germany’ over and above, earning money and taking care of my son and learning at least some of the local language…but its tougher than I had expected but I don’t really understand why.

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