Christmas Special 2011

Well, so far this Christmas season I have learned a variety of things, ranging from seeing a Protestant rant against the pagan “Christmas Tree” and the dubious origins of the religious Christian holiday….to learning that for many Jews, the really good news is that it is possible to go out to the movies and their Chinese restaruant owners will work because for them its not a holiday either.  Also, in the news – sorry for Facebook friends experiencing all of this as a repeat of good information: today I learned that 84% of American adults when asked discretely will admit to praying on a weekly or even daily basis.  Wow, its really that everyone’s doing it.  In truth, so do I, but let’s let it go back to being a private matter.  Like everyone else I learned about today; it is not a new behavior, I just wasn’t aware of it before.

Its going to be another few hours before I am able to watch my only living offspring open his presents.  I feel grateful to be able to be giving him what I am giving him this year.  Also, I feel completely different about receiving and giving presents when I am able to just buy things for myself and my son – at least, out of love more often and without it requiring a holiday….but thanks to the holiday, I did give to some people who I don’t often give to.

Was that helpful to any of you?  Not sure, but I do hope so.  Happy Christmas!

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