What’s That?

When we’re children and we don’t know, we often feel comfortable about not knowing and asking.  In reality, even as kids this is not always true – sometimes we don’t know and want to know but are afraid to ask.

As adults, we get good at formulating our own beliefs and opinions.  Well, some of us do.  For some, how we justify or why we believe as we do is complex and is something we have methodically considered.  For others, it is not such a rational or intellectual type of endeavor, but still has meaning and value.

Learning can be fun.  The reason I say only ‘can be’ is because everyone who is moving along at a rapid clip either at work or driving, understands how unpleasant it can be to suddenly discover that one needs to learn something new, RIGHT NOW and as quickly as possible, which often drains the fun right out of it.  Food for thought.

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