Good News: Final US Troop Removal from Iraq!

Well, today there has been some good news.  My son was here and we enjoyed being together ‘even though he’s a teen’.  I do find it challenging when he does ‘his own thing’ when I feel more interactive but don’t have anyone else here.  Sven doesn’t mind when I do have someone else here, but since moving to Germany back in 2010, there usually isn’t anyone else home with us.  This problem has been mitigated by the Internet, and so, where in the old days I would have been chatting on the telephone while my son played by himself – nowadays I exchanged text messages over the Internet.  Still, we interacted far more than we do when he’s not with me.

The other big good news today is that the US removed the very last military troops from Iraq.  Its been a long time, so this comes as quite a relief, especially since the troops did not leave ‘because of having lost’ but rather, as victorious helpers – the nation’s security is back in its own hands.  Back in the Spring 2011 is the only time I have ever spoken with an Iraqi civilian about it.  This occurred in Germany: we were taking German lessons together.  I asked the Iraqi about the USA military presence in his homeland.  He told me that they were very grateful for our help and were looking forward to our leaving – because it had taken way longer than they had expected as well.

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