Marketing for Dummies? Ever watched someone learn to ride a bike?

Welcome to today.  Here is a link to the website:  OK, its a start.  Today when I went to look into blogging there I first went to twitter and then to some other authors blog.  What attracts many readers is when the blog posts are good articles that benefit them or are just ‘really cool’.

Hm, well, art is part or all self expression.  Are novels autobiographical?  Usually, the closest to the author’s external life they ever get is the way things look in a Fun House mirror.  In fact, that’s one creative tactic authors use:  How do I write a character like that?  Am I like that at all?  OK, a teensy weensy bit?  That’s OK, that’s enough:  get out the electron microscope and make it a major character trait of – you guessed it, one of the characters.  Taffy, might be another example of how you might see the author in a novel.  Is that really how you are?  Have a great day: remember, I write stories because I think that after you went to school or work or looked after your family you should be able to have some fun and get some intense subjective sense of difference.  The Thelemites say that magick is the art and science of causing change in conformity with one’s will – this applies to your mind and emotions as well as to your sock drawer or love life or 401K.  Well, the nice thing about novels – a little magick for your inner world.

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