Uranian Fiction – An Adventure in Indianapolis, and new Pix

OK, so today I was thinking about marketing again.  I have read the blogs of some of the other professional authors.  Today, I also tried to get an unofficial count of the other professional authors who frequent my facebook page.  There are more than 20 of them who go there, but who is on top varies and I am not always sure about how I relate to them.  Many of them are “senior colleagues” – people who have managed to put out several novels and/or nonfiction books written either on their own, then sold, or written on contract.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed and intimidated.  Some days I just feel lucky, and other times I just feel like the jealous junior colleague, especially since I wrote my first novel before I had a college degree and now, 20 years later, a small publisher or a big publisher based way over in India is finally bringing out one of my novels.  The Grateful Dead had a song with a line “What a long, strange trip its been,” and that’s how I really feel about this.  I am so hopeful, excited and relieved to finally have some book coming out that even has my name on it – ghostwriting is still paying better but that’s not exactly the same thing…Last week another already famous nf book author announced that she is bringing out her novel.  So, even for the professional authors, getting fiction rather than nonfiction out is a big deal.

Meanwhile…I like that writing is very co-ed.  I like both men and women: sometimes one is easier to deal with than the other but which works better varies person to person and situation to situation.  So, I have tried to improve the Uranian Fiction facebook page today.

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