Just Blog: Bremen Hauptbahnhof Starbucks

Today, there really has been some progress with work.  There has also been some leisure and some pleasure.  Meeting people online and then dealing with them in a way that physically includes them more closely is a new song and dance for me, so to speak.

I have met a few people in person having met them online first, but mainly there are people who I know in person – say, old school chums or people from church in Indianapolis who are Facebook friends, and there are people who I have met online but not in person – many of the writer friends are like this, but there are many others as well.  So, today I spent some time in person with someone who I had met online.  The last time this happened was at the EUU Retreat where I met a fellow in person who I had met online.  In reality I had met a few of them online, but I had chatted a lot – relatively speaking, with one of them.  Subjectively, it felt a bit different to me.  It was very obviously the same entity, but I was surprised to see him because I had no prior experience of him that way.  Well, today I met someone who I met much more recently and interacted with online almost solely to meet up in person.  Again, I was surprised, but it was OK.

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