Small gods, old gods and other fine things

Today, the main gods of old who turned up were Hermes and Nike.  Hermes turned up due to having a shipping company that operates in Germany named after them.  The messenger of the gods, sometimes described as having been the same deity as mercury.  Mercury has a statue in his honor in the Circle Center of Indianapolis where he overlooks fair business trade deals and a lot of automobile traffic.  Well, way back in the 1990s those old deceased gods or whatever spiritual condition they are now in, inspired me enough that I wrote one with Hermes in it.  He shows up for an undergraduate in England.  See, it turned out he hasn’t died and he is still a god, but we don’t see much of him nowadays.

Nike: yes, now its the shoe.  It was another sneaker type of day for me, which tells you a lot I suppose.  Still, Nike.  In reality, I don’t know much about that god, but do recall that he was one.  Maybe he ran marathons or something.

Right now we have JC as God/Son of God, and Allah and yet I wonder, 2000 years from now:  will JC have conquered the whole world by then with believers or will it be the way it is now or will there be a brand name item called Jesus Christ – only it will be…blazers, or men’s underwear, or shoe polish, or an Internet Wi-Fi mini tower or some service – water purification tablets shaped like communion wafers: just drop them in….but hardly anyone even remembers why.

On a final note:  Wow on God of War the video games, eh….gods….God….baffling or just old fashioned mumbo junbo?

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