What about YOU?! Is it all about ME?!

Well, there is a Thelemic saying which was also re-hashed by Sesame Street:  “Every man and woman is a star.”  “The most important person in the whole wide world is you.”  A certain amount of self-centredness is actually healthy.  Way too much, and we get inconsiderate people who cause trouble for others.  Too little and we get either martyrs or people who are just ‘lost’ in whoever or whatever they are doing, or people who have a strong ‘negative ego’ but not a ‘healthy ego’. …Or maybe they just ‘get weird’.

Even so, many of the professional writers help one another….and yet, the other day I made the mistake of commenting at a website designed, I guess, to be a professional marketing point, and my comments were removed almost instantly…even though I am not “a bot”.  Well, today I am feeling that I might need “Marketing for cry babies”  a guide for those who would rather DO than read about doing, in many cases.  If I had had my way, I would have gone to Montessori School where there’s more hands on options.  In retrospect, my favorite things about nursery school and kindergarten were that there was more motion and hands on activity.  I’ve read passionately and written so its not as if I hate books, its just not all I like and its not all I am about.

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