Hermes Delivery and Posture

It’s a quiet, peaceful day in a beatific village in Germany.  To some people, this means that conditions are ideal.  To others, this is a fate worse than death itself and the boredom is excruciating.  Its a way to make anyone feel as though he or she has lived ‘forever’.  You know how it is when 1 minute feels like 3 hours?  Well, if one makes a week feel like 1812 years, then after a few years anyone could feel ‘immortal’ but not necessarily in a good way.

Today, I have witnessed a delivery truck for a company that brought me a vacuum cleaner last week in the neighborhood.  Of course, now that I know the organization, I react to it differently.  Sad truth – it did not bring me  my next item today.

Posture:  although I think its nice that my generation was not caned or beaten senseless whenever our posture lapsed, I do see negative consequences:  I see that the posture of myself and of many in my generation is not as good as it would be if something other than caning had been done to discipline us all – myself included, into maintaining good posture.

By the way, that delivery truck is marked Hermes – as in the god.  This ties into a conversation I had with my son yesterday about how deity names have become brands.  It began when Sven realized that some problems were solved by “putting the Jesus Christ label onto” some ideas or even entities throughout history.  This led into how most Egyptian deity names are now publishing companies, whereas Nike is a shoe and Hermes – was the name on that delivery truck.  Thor has a novel out in Germany, as well as having had a movie last year and of course the comic book.  Now, there’s a god with a unique trend.  Anyways, is this JC’s fate?  2000 years from now, will He be worshipped throughout the world or is he going to be the brand name of an antibiotic ointment or a trend in blazers, or something like that?

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