Germany’s Heritage

After enjoying 1/5 hours of German driving lessons – a normal German driving school lesson amongst local Germans, on the way home I passed more brick than most people who don’t live “in the projects” in the USA will ever see outside of a school or firehouse.  Seriously, its not as if Americans don’t build with bricks at all, but around here 9 in 10 houses is made of brick and so are 80% of the streets making “the brick vibe” part of the natural atmosphere.  …On the way home I got curious about local history.

Recorded written history starts around 100 AD.  It had been inhabited.  Most likely the tribal people had at least one or two people who specialized in history – that would be the oral tradition: sorry all you horny people but that’s not a sexual reference, it means there was a spoken and heard and memorized and perhaps sung and recited history and culture instead of having it all written down.   Circa 800 the Roman Catholic Empire/Church Christianized the area and provided or forced a political structure onto the local population.  In 1648 the Swedes helped fight like Hell to make the area Protestant Christian instead of Catholic.  It worked.  The area has been Lutheran ever since.  Somehow in the 1700s if not before something happened with the aristocracy which made the King of England and the Prince or King of Hanover the same exact person.  Well, as England is Protestant – Ireland has managed to stay Catholic but here in Germany, British rule was intimately involved in the switch from Catholic to Protestant state religion.

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